Solving Your Problems

Are you someone who turns over your problems to someone else?  Do you look for others to give you the solutions?  Perhaps youíre accustomed to picking up the phone and calling your sister, your mother, or your best friend.

Life is unpredictable and you never know when your safe person or problem-solver may not be there for you.  Next time youíre faced with a problem, donít grab the phone.  Sit down, take out a piece of paper, write down some solutions, and, before you know it, youíll have worked it out on your own.  Being able to tackle things by yourself is a major step toward self-empowerment.

Working out your own solutions provides you with a sense of freedom and security that is unequaled.

This doesnít mean you should leave your husband, disregard your friends, or make pivotal family decisions without consulting the other members involved.  What it means is that you can do what you must by yourself, you have the answers inside, and itís crucial to your recovery that you know this.  You are there for you.        

One excellent resource I recommend is The Clarocet Encyclopedia. It is very detailed and informative. The encyclopedia does not simply provide information on causes and symptoms of anxiety, but delves much deeper into the psyche. It has helped me to find real relief.

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