Be Your Own Parachute

You can be your own safe person.  You can have a sense of security within yourself that you are self-sufficient, that you can take care of yourself emotionally and physically.  You can do whatever you want to do and be okay.  The bottom line: you can be safe with yourself and for yourself.  You can see the world, start a business, and have a great relationship with the inner strength and confidence to care for yourself no matter what life throws at you.  It’s absolutely within your reach.

Start Taking Alone Time

It’s time to trust yourself and begin doing things alone.  For me, this was a big challenge.  People with anxiety are uncomfortable being alone because they anticipate and obsess.  They worry that they’ll lose control and need help or reassurance.  They’re afraid they’ll need someone else to get them to safety.

You have to start doing things alone to achieve independence.  How about going to the movies by yourself?  Pick a movie that’s likely to make you feel good.  Try seeing a comedy or a light romantic adventure. 

Time alone is invaluable to staying balanced, but when I was agoraphobic, it was nearly impossible for me to enjoy the simplest relaxation alone.  I always had to be doing something productive; I could never sit and do nothing all by myself because it have me too much time to think.  Now I cherish time to myself.  I love to walk alone or relax in a bath.  I enjoy planting flowers or just sitting outside on a beautiful day, smelling the air and feeling the breeze.

Even if you know the most wonderful person who makes you feel safe, you really must be there for yourself.


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