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Thank you for visiting my website about panic attacks and panic disorder related problems. I have suffered from panic attacks for most of my life. After taking many of the prescription medications available for panic attacks, I sometimes found myself worse off then before I was taking these 'doctor approved' medications. After many years of hopelessness, I finally found someone who could help: ME! dui

That's right, I helped myself. Of course, I did this with a strong support group of information which I found in bookstores, on the web and by talking to other individuals with panic attacks and panic disorder.

I can't guarantee that by reading this website you will find total relief from your panic attacks. However, you might be able to find some useful information that can help you get through the troubles you may be experiencing.

My panic attack website is a first person look at what I felt and how I managed to find relief. In addition, I have provided some excellent links to online resources that can help. One such resource is the Clarocet Encyclopedia which is a detailed and comprehensive look into the specific emotional disturbances related to panic attacks. I highly recommend you spend an hour reading about the conditions that might be plaguing you.

Please feel free to shoot me an email with your comments, questions or criticisms at .

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Information related to panic attacks and panic disorder on this website has not been reviewed by a medical professional. Panic Attack Resources is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace professional attention that may be required. If you experience panic attacks, panic disorder or related symptoms, it is important you speak to a doctor or therapist to help you find relief.

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